Thursday, September 9, 2010

zine review #1

As Stacey mentioned earlier this week, we have decided to start doing videos. That's because we are shamelessly copying this guy Joseph. I've heard he goes alright*. Anyway I apologise for how low the sound is - TURN UP YO SPEAKERS - and the out of sync-ness of my video, but I really can't be bothered fixing it because I'm really hungry, plus in this version you can see the drawings best. At the end when I giggle I am saying "Stacey's got nice boobies"**.

The guy who drew this zine is actually in a pretty cool band called Psuche. I guess the video isn't a review as much as it is me showing you a zine I think is cool. Which is alright really.

*an Australian expression that here means "is a favourable chap"
**a phrase that here means "possesses agreeable breasts"***
***I was actually saying "Sticky is the best"