Monday, September 20, 2010

First Aid Kit, September 16, Whammy Bar, Auckland

After warming up with a couple of feijoa ciders, Joseph and I sat down in a booth to see Luckless, who I honestly didn't pay much attention to, before endeavouring to see Chelsea Jade and James Duncan next door at the Wine Cellar. I really liked the first song they played about still being cold with the lights on and also a song about mock breaking up. I was standing near the back texting Susie because she is my go-to girl when it comes to matters of the heart. I was also thinking about how people shouldn't loop their music because it feels inorganic. During the end of their set I went into Whammy where Joseph was buying another cider and abusing the bartender for putting too much lemon in. The guy said something about him being like Woody Allen and Joseph was pretty happy.

The show itself was short but lovely, and although I had my mind on other things, I really enjoyed it. I don't know any of the names of the songs, but there was this one song were I felt like everything around me melted away and that the crowd that was stretched out before me felt more like an ocean. There was this other song that had the opposite effect, it amplified everything, and made me feel like I might cry, but I didn't, I just stood there with my eyes fixed on them and bit my lip a little. There were some songs where I was not even paying attention, but simply enjoying their lovely voices being projected around the room. During one song I went to the bathroom, and I saw a really nice message written on the wall. It made me feel like everything was going to be okay, but now I have forgotten it. When I came back out Joseph was sitting down writing statement poems in this exercise book. For their encore they came into the crowd and got everyone to gather around them. We stayed where we were and just listened. After the show I saw my friends Lia and Kiki and I hugged and kissed them several times because they are babes. Then we went out into the cold night, to the over bridge, to the bus, and home to Waterview.


  1. <3 this

    what does feijoa taste like?

  2. Feijoa cider or feijoa in general? Feijoa cider doesn't even taste like alcohol, it is so nice. Feijoas as a fruit are not that nice imo.