Friday, September 10, 2010

now you know

An idea I have had in my mind lately is 'make your life into art' and this week's topic made me think of it. It's easy enough to take the good that we feel and make it into something, but what about the bad that we feel, how can we make that into "art"? The main thing that we have to do is to be open, be open about ourselves to the world, for our own sakes. So when we find ourselves with a topic like this, it is personal, and not necessarily beautiful or triumphant. All we can say is the sad truths. That we hate ourselves but we don't know how to change. That we are stupid, and pathetic, and afraid. That we have no skills, or confidence, or eloquence. That we are lazy, and lonely, and lacking.

But there are some days where we feel good. We walk down the street with a sense of purpose. We are independent and carefree. We are good-looking and smart. We are kind and loving. We are moral and good. These are the days we try to replicate.

On the other days, we either try to wriggle out from underneath our dissatisfaction, or burrow deep inside it.

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