Thursday, September 30, 2010

in absentia


I must apologise sincerely for the lack of posts from Susan's side. You'll note that Stacey has diligently been posting here, while things are all silent on the Melbourne front. I attribute this to my crap internet (capped after 10gb, what is this!) and an unfortunate little thing called 'my final semester at university'.

Further, this weekend I am traveling to Newcastle for a little thing called 'This is Not Art' Festival. Though I recently made the decision to take my laptop (with the view to undertake some study) I feel as if an internet connection will be lacking and any reportage on this event will come via mobilus twitter. If you are, however, in Newcastle, please come find me at Staple Manor on Saturday and Sunday afternoons where I will be helping run a workshop and a panel with my lovely Voiceworks chums.

You must know that I love each of you in a special and individual way and that I am making myself late for my bus to the airport.

With that in mind, I bid you farewell.


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