Sunday, August 7, 2011

life bullet points

- chewing a lot of "airwaves" chewing gum
- spiders starting to congregate in my bathroom again
- lorikeet at work humping the pom pom on my beanie
- feeling less lonely talking on gchat
- nachos with an unhealthy amount of sour cream
- feeling aware of how, whilst driving, i only indicate when absolutely necessary
- listening to a lot of Pavement
- during my grandma's funeral thinking that the trees outside looked like lil brocolli florets
- feeling cheeky about feeling like a grown-up whenever i go to the post office to pay my power bill
- my current favourite cat in the cattery is called "Bumble"
- mum earnestly suggesting i should wear a skivvy
- feeling okay about nothingness mostly
- keep burning myself whilst filling up my hot water bottle
- putting on my favourite brown beanie and feeling like it is swallowing my head and it feels nice
- drinking coffee and feeling normal
- sitting in front of my mac book writing words i guess


  1. can relate to #4, #13, #15, #16. will definitely at some stage in the next week, #5.

  2. gurl.. you gotta indicate!!!!!

  3. i don't indicate when no one is around or when i am in a lane that left/right turn only

    that's legit right

  4. yeah those instances are okay, I just get really grumby when I am walking around the cit and people don't indicate! I COULD GET DEAD