Tuesday, August 9, 2011

notes on "a million bears" by spencer madsen

read the first poem, then i read the same poem again out loud
the next day on facebook chat i said to spencer:

"i liked the part in that poem where you talked about birds
i read that one out loud to myself when it was very late at night
seemed nice"

i read "if this is poetry then what was shakespeare doing
seriously" and did a giggle

i felt things whilst reading the part about the laundry room and i enjoyed how it was like one never ending stream of consciousness, and when i read it i was holding my breath but i was not aware of holding my breath and i liked the way that that made me feel

i laughed out loud at "stared at a bird that looked like the twitter bird thinking 'tell me how to get more followers, please'" and then read "chicken is a bird not a food people don't think about that i think" whilst nodding and making hand gestures that i guess conveyed "i know right"

read this re: existentialism "we are all fucked and it's okay because it is all beautiful" and thought repeatedly "yes, yes, yes" whilst wanting to go on facebook chat and tell spencer madsen "yes, yes, yes"

i read about intimate things like "if i rolled over / she would lightly / kiss my arm / half asleep" and thought about my own intimate things. i thought about being in bed with people. i thought about eyes and hands mostly.

reminded me of falling in love and the times that i was "falling in love" and wondered how many more times i will feel the "falling in love" thing and felt scared and excited

read tweets about his cat like "told my cat i may get a bird he said 'if you do i will eat it' i said please don't" and felt impressed with how many times birds had been mentioned so far

thought "#thatawkwardmomentwhen you realise everyone is alone and unhappy" seemed like a cheeky thing to say. thought that spencer madsen is probably very cheeky.

did two short laughs and then one long laugh at "wish the word tabernacle meant something more applicable in everyday parlance, like my tabernacle is itchy, or bro put your tabernacle away" "i think i just wish tabernacle meant penis"

read "listen to 'going to georgia' three times and feel okay each time" and then listened to the song "going to georgia" two times (intentionally not listening to it a third time)

when i read the poem about mallory whitten i remembered that the first time spencer madsen ever talked to me on gchat was to ask if he thought this poem was okay and i said that it was

i finished the book and thought that i would like to live inside of spencer madsen's head but be free to move away for periods of time if i wanted to

you can order his book from here


  1. I went to highschool with this idiot, and I remember he had about only one girlfriend. Now it's a bit hard for me to believe that in the span of 2 years Spencer Madsen has become a alcoholic bruiting poet who mirrors the image of a 28 year old brooklynite poet; who has terrible luck with women. There is a reason he's compilation of poetry is called "a million bears" it resembles a book called "a million little pieces"

  2. I think Anonymous is onto something-so many fake tortured souls in fiction.

  3. The writing is not bad it’s actually good. But I will say that the subject matter, and the bleak persona he creates is not believable.

  4. "He's compilation of poetry"? This Anonymous's credibility as a critic is lacking. Appropriate spelling/grammar for a high school hater, though.

  5. Spencer Madsen is 19years old...I think that's enough of a reason to question the persona he's created via the internet.

  6. I might have not used the right "grammer" or words *brooding, but I know this KID."A million bears" is filled with BULLSHIT.

  7. I did not buy the book because I find his Twitter feed to be very repetitive eyeroll material. When Jimmy Chen talks about the same subjects, it's much more interesting.

  8. Why is HS HATER so mad?

  9. James Frey want's his act back.

  10. "Grammer"? For real? has HS HATER read even one book? This is a prank. I like it.


  12. Spencer Madsen having one girlfriend in High School validates the fact that he has not had any real problems with "women".

  13. I understand my grammar and misuse of words are making me seem like a dumbass. Regardless of that I knew this kid and it's ridiculous for him to all of a sudden become a publish author. The subject matter of his work is also ridiculous, because it deals with subject matter beyond his years.

  14. how does questioning his 'persona' (which i am not questioning because i believe it closely reflects spencer' a reason to 'dis' a book of poetry?

    in other words, why must poetry be held to different standards than fiction in terms of the connection between the writer and the voice in the poems? like, if i publish a book of poems written in the voice of a geriatric woman, will people not like it because it is in a voice that is 'beyond my years' and somehow not 'genuine' because of that?

    idk, poetry is literature and literature doesn't really hold an obligation to the truth, if you think something is interesting then personal opinions of the author should not change the way you think about it

  15. the cynic, the ironic, the concrete literal
    soon you'll stave upon introspection
    you are not lonely;you are affecting loneliness
    you can't possibly be lonely
    when your posts of your twitter (nearing 500 followers) are
    selected (edited) by a friend
    published by a friend.

    bradley manning in a cell that's loneliness
    a trafficked sex slave barred by language and her malign master that's loneliness.

    the cynics, the ironics, the concrete literals
    need scorch the earth of their hearts minds souls
    and make way,
    make way
    for buds of
    true love
    true inclusion
    true fun
    love that makes you weak at the knees
    inclusion and aggressive, totally posi comradeship vibes
    fun, open fun, upward spiraling joy joy joy

    anon is coming for alternate literature
    we do not forgive
    we do not forget
    expect us

  16. I covered this thread on my latest post.

  17. "He goes over the things that he thought would make him happy: transferring to a New York based school (Hunter College) and living in the hippest part of New York (Brooklyn)"

    Well I think that sums up all of Madsen's work.

  18. good job everyone

    im looking forward to anon DDOSing htmlgiant

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  20. hahahaha:

    "you can't possibly be lonely
    when your posts of your twitter (nearing 500 followers) are
    selected (edited) by a friend
    published by a friend."


  21. i liked it a lot

  22. Pathetic to see people comment on someone else's work when they don't create anything of their own. Yo, haters: maybe you should do a better job veiling your thinly-cloaked jealousy by going and writing something yourself.

    Spencer, ignore these douches. They're empty inside and it's easier to diss others than to dig deep and create.