Sunday, August 21, 2011

review of 'google chrome'

What do you think of Google Chrome?
Stacey: I'm enjoying it to an extent. I do like it. It is a superior browser. Um. Definitely better than say, Safari, Firefox and definitely Internet Explorer. The only thing I don't like is whenever I go to gmail, it does the lil swirly thing like it's loading but it's not still loading. It may not be superior at gmail.

What is your favourite thing about Google Chrome?
Susie: I just deleted a bookmark and it disappeared in a puff of smoke.
Stacey: Wow. Magical. I like the bookmark system better, but it took me a while to work it out. I like when you open a new tab and it shows your most visited sites.
Susie: Safari actually has that function of most visited sites, it's worth noting.
Stacey: yeah but Safari is bullshit. It's okay. I dunno.

Do you find it faster than other browsers?
Stacey: Not really.
Susie: I actually do. Much to my surprise.
Stacey: I'm going to actually go into Firefox and see.
Susie: Race them!
Stacey: Firefox, bring it onnn.

[Stacey tests Google reader in both and finds Chrome to be only slightly faster]

How do you feel about the aesthetics?
Susie: I downloaded a skin, in the style of gmail. I find it highly customisable.
Stacey: Safari - don't like, Firefox - a close second, but Chrome definitely got it going on.

Stacey: It's good that you can google search right into the url bar. Type it on in. Tappa tappa tappa.
Susie: I also enjoy that feature. My problem is that it doesn't support certain support plugins like echofon - though I haven't investigated that - and zotero.
Stacey: You should just download the standalone Echofon app.

Reputation of Chrome?
Stacey: Do you feel good about having Chrome?
Susie: yeah.
Stacey: I was on tinychat when I downloaded Chrome and everyone was like "you're a bit late to that one". But the last time I downloaded it it didn't work.. but I'm giving it another go.
Susie: Someone was using my laptop last weekend and he was all like "where's your google chrome!!!!!!" and highly affronted I didn't have it. I felt like a prize idiot!

Anything else?
Stacey: How do you feel about the icon? It looks like a lil pokeball
Susie: Oh I don't like that.
Stacey: Yeah.. the firefox one is pretty cool.. it's like a fox around the world. That's real cool! Safari is kinda lame, just like a compass. It's weird seeing Chrome in my dock.
Susie: hahahaha Chrome in yr dock.
Stacey: That's what it's called!
Susie: Sounds like you mean like it's a part of you, a body part.
Stacey: hahahaha, all up in my dock.

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  1. pretty sure i never said "Firefox, bring it onnn"