Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Bought this fancy ass bag for $130 because I want to be able to ride my bike to uni with my laptop and books. There is a cool laptop sleeve at the back of the big pocket. It is furry and it says at the top of it 'welcome to herschel'.

Taking the train or bus into town costs me $3 return each day, so to break even on this purchase I have to ride 43 days. This would require nearly 6 weeks of riding to and from uni every day of the week. On average I go to uni 5 days of the week though so it will actually take me something more like 8 weeks.

8 weeks is the exact amount of time I have left before I have to hand in my thesis.

Yesterday I rode my bike on a total of 3 journeys, but I only took my bag on one of these journeys. Does this count? Y/N?


  1. the bag looks real sweet. this is enough for it to count. enjoy yr bag.