Sunday, August 28, 2011

things i'm going to do when my job finishes in two weeks

- get my full license because i have been putting it off for about 4 years but that means i'll have to learn how to parallel park can somebody teach me
- look for another job but kind of half-heartedly
- volunteer at the bird rescue three days a week
- work at the cattery 4 hours a week
- make zines
- read a lot (like real heaps)
- start runnin' (like a man) (or like a gangly ass girl)
- go to work and income and look in2 dat free money thing they got going on
- survive mainly on cheese and hummus sandwiches
- sell/give away a lot of the things i own
- hang out with my friend laura a lot because she is coming back from the uk
- sleep (excited about this one)
- experience overwhelming self-loathing (just a projection based on past figures)
- hang out with my sister and her lil baby
- go for walks around the general titirangi area
- write
- go to melbourne to visit susie before she goes to nyc
- buy a new hat
- sit in my room and listen to music feeling like i am barely existing and feeling okay about feeling that way (meta-emotional)
- take a yoga class once a week (only because my friend xinia teaches a class)
- try to steal my neighbour's cat pickles and make him our cat instead
- listen to a lot of bright eyes (post teen emo core vibes)
- participate in art collective
- make a chapbook with james duncan
- try not to buy things because i have to pay rent and stuff and moving back with my parents will never ever be a thing
- spend a lot of time outside, getting in2 nature
- go to christchurch maybe for dat zine fest there
- ride my bike


  1. good list.

    u can/should stay here if/when u come.

  2. sounds like a wonderful life

    see you in chch bb

  3. I just finished Good Morning, Midnight myself. I really liked it.