Monday, August 29, 2011

People are just podcasts 5

Can't believe we have done five of these now! OMG! Probably the giggliest one yet.

People are just Podcasts 5 by susiea

Stacey read: "a conclusion" from vessel by brett gallagher, Sad Cave by Alexander J. Allison, is it armaggedon or is it armaggedon by Diana Salier, Hjerte Syk by Lisa Zaran, dubstep ringtones by Zachary Whalen, Conversation 10/10 - poetry by emily dickinson remix poem, Heavens Poem part 3 by James Duncan and a bunch of her 'favourite' tweets.

I read: there's this song i think you'd like although i don't know if you'd actually like it because the only reason why i think you'd like it is that it reminds me of you and i don't know what to do about this by Giles Ruffer, Pagoda by Crispin Best, Puddle Story by Joseph Ernest Harper, Building of Unseen Cats by Zachary Schomberg, Self Help Google Document by Victoria Trott, the world would be happier with me dead in it by Victoria Trott and also my 'favourite' tweets.

It goes for a lil while but it is worth it. Also I just want to say that we think Poetry By Emily Dickinson is a really amazing website and if you don't know what the heck it is, school yourself immediately and get involved.

We will be doing another one in September - if you have poetry you'd like us to read, email or