Thursday, May 10, 2012

my life things

taking a proverbial leaf out of susie's, um, proverbial book

things i have been watching

game of thrones s1&2
mad men s3

half of 'the boat that rocked' because it was the worst movie i have ever seen but one of the guys was a bit of a honey
a life less ordinary

seems like i haven't been watching many things

things i listen to

ziggy's mix tapes (word doc autocorrected 'ziggy's' to 'piggy's' and i laughed for an unreasonable amount of time)
shlohmo bad vibes
the notorious b.i.g. notorious
purity ring
sigur ros valtari
BALAM ACAB's soundcloud
juj slack

things i read

sula by toni marshall
kafka on the shore by haruki murakami
re reading minscoe's don't die alone
tweets on echofon
things on google reader

things i make/write

my autumn zine
writing a poem for 'for every year'
writing a poem for 'nap'
writing a story about glaciers
dumb things in my notebook

things i consume

anything my flat mates make
tui or kingfisher beer
rwd (any)
old mout cider: scrumpy
whittakers choc: coconut or creamy milk
avocado and cheese sandwiches
pb/jam toast
caramelised onion and balsamic vinegar flavoured chips

things i see on the reg

flat mates: laura, hannah, sharn
members of my immediate family
the insides of cafes
my reflection in mirrors, car windows, other people's sunglasses, cutlery, etc
two polaroid pictures by my bed, one of my cat and one of my dog
notes we've written on the back on the toilet door
my hands
green trees, red trees, green trees

things i do on the reg

drink rwd with flat mates in the kitchen
walk with headphones on
worry about the future
read in almost any situation
ride my bike to the dairy to get chocolate
dress like a boy
eat whilst watching something on my laptop
drink tea
sit at bus stops
spend a long time trying to find things in my bag
say 'i need to pee'
think about people
feel far away from my own body
talk to/hug animals
talk to/hug people
eat a bread
put on a beanie
sing whilst driving
look at the internet

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