Wednesday, May 9, 2012


things i have been watching


the wire s1
bored to death s1-3
arrested development s1-3
mad men s5
gossip girl s5
30 rock s6
parks and recreation s4
community s3
saturday night live s37
new girl s1
man vs food (various)
my big fat gypsy wedding (various)
come dine with me (various)
& last night i saw celebrity juice for the first time


the men who stare at goats
death to smoochie
the foot fist way
best in show
gentleman broncos
darjeeling limited
royal tenenbaums

things i listen to

the magnetic fields 69 love songs
andras fox
bored to death soundtrack
stuff you missed in history class podcasts
this american life podcast
radiolab podcast

things i read

nausea by sartre
there is no year by blake butler
biography of jean rhys
natalie chin's blog
alice may connolly's blog
always ghosts dot tumblr dot com
red lightbulbs
kill author
the penguin companion to dorothy parker
the av club

things i make/write

crocheting a hat of mauve colour made of thin mohair yarn
writing and not sending long emails
working on a few prose poems

things i eat


things i see on the reg

my flatmates: paul, max and ashleigh
next door neighbour's cats
drug deals happening across the street
rain/grey clouds
my own face

things i do on the reg

have a wine
have a cig
research flights to norway
research tickets outta here
find jobs to apply for / get excited about them
not apply for them or leave it too late and do a bad job at the application
feel slightly lame about going to work
consider staying on the train to work all the way to luton
feel better about being at work when i'm there due to friendly colleagues / fairly regular system failures
feel a bit dissatisfied with my internship
feel weird about adding people who i don't know on facebook
consider culling it back down to people i know irl
feel conscious of my low self esteem
make cups of tea
complain about there being nowhere to get good coffee in london
laugh inappropriately at things
buy stuff from charity shops
feel sad i have to say 'charity shop' (usa: thrift store, aus/nz: op shop)
wear pink lipstick
think about people from back home
think that it never really existed or something maybe


  1. right how good is h_ngm_n
    and come dine with me is the best

    i find myself almost saying 'charity shop' via my uk friends saying it a lot while they were here

    also find myself saying 'fair play' lol

  2. i am going to do this list on my blog
    you know (@stace too) i have been thinking about your blog title 'people are just people' and thinking, it is so true. people are just people

    it reminds me of this quote

    “I think we’re always responsible for our actions. We’re free. I raise my hand—I’m responsible. I turn my head to the right—I’m responsible. I’m unhappy—I’m responsible. I smoke a cigarette—I’m responsible. I shut my eyes—I’m responsible. I forget that I’m responsible, but I am. I told you escape is a pipe dream. After all, everything is beautiful. You only have to take an interest in things, to see their beauty. It’s true. After all, things are just what they are. A face is a face. Plates are plates. Men are men. And life… is life.”

    1. hi natalie, sweet, we got 'people are just people' from a regina spektor song

    2. oh yes
      i am going to listen to it now