Thursday, May 3, 2012

positive things about my otherwise shitty-ass day

hugging my dog
my cat (to a lesser extent because she scratched me)
reading a good book atm ('sula' by toni morrison which eamonn told me to get when we were at jason's books)
whittakers coconut choc
got some photos developed
hot sun/freezing wind
listening to purity ring v loudly
going to a spot in my neighborhood where you can see the whole of titirangi and seeing the red trees amongst all the green
got pra ram from the thai place down the rd
real good pale pink/purple sky just before the sunset, felt calm
life-affirming girl talk with alice
felt good writing an email to susie
my friend brad came to visit

gonna wait for my laura to come home from work and then cuddle-attack her and watch crap shows in her bed

friends make everything good

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