Monday, May 7, 2012


- the sun on my body but not my face as i am lying in my beanbag/cushion nook in the lounge
- sheepskin
- heavy blankets
- scalp massages
- nakedness against someone who is fully clothed
- kissed ears
- touching flower petals with thumbs
- walking through long grass
- the weight of a book in your hands
- typing on the keys of my macbook
- hands, palm to palm
- touching my shoulder with my cheek
- dog's floppy ears
- cat's noses
- that time i took bites out of my plum and fed it to ducks out of my hand, the feel of their beaks in my palm
- submersion in water
- being in a good hug from a friend
- hot water bottle on my tummy

(currently experiencing 3, 10 and 18)

what are sensations you like
i will try to make them into poems


  1. removing tab from can of beer, manipulating it in yr mouth w/ tongue.

  2. -fingernails on my scalp, back, legs, arms
    -hugs from my kids/initiated by my kids
    -a football in my hands
    -the ocean in general and also waves on my body
    -being completely soaked through by pouring rain on a not-too-cold-stormy day
    -strong wind knocking me about
    -bare feet on rubber gym floor
    -snuggled up in brand-fresh sheets
    -climbing into bed when completely exhausted
    -the smell of that moment in the morning after shower with fresh deodorant and face cream on
    -eating a great sandwich

  3. -opening a can is my favourite sound
    -blowing a massive snot-ball from my nose (been sick recently)
    -crying silently for a while - getting a wet face and then real sleepy
    -hot cup of tea
    -dipping a gingerkiss into coffee (damn good cakey biscuit)

  4. -smell of books
    -reading introductions
    -writing good essays
    -frozen yogurt on my tongue
    -being quiet in my room
    -climbing out my window at night
    -smoking on rooftop balconies
    -the sound of water
    -skin on skin
    -traveling out alone
    -the flush of endorphins after a long run
    -feeling like the world is bigger than i imagined it to be
    -making lists like this

    this was nice to do