Monday, May 28, 2012


the way i feel about the sound of my own voice

i hate the way my voice sounds recorded but apparently that is just what my voice sounds like to other people

how good/bad i feel in my skin

feel okay about my body, sometimes feel bad about my hair, frequently feel bad about aspects of my personality which relate to my ability to do [things], confidence, social skills, feel good about things when good things are happening/i can forget about the bad things/nailing life

the beliefs that go right down to the core of me

the things that go without saying

listening to new mount eerie in bed at 2am and the feelings that go along with that

clear moon
the good kind of gloomy

picking leaves like they are flowers

i did that, i picked 3 different colored leaves and carried them all the way home with me, i put them by my bed and it makes me feel good looking at them

things i see when i am walking around my neighbourhood

cats, birds and trees, mostly

conversations with germans who are drunk and soft spoken

too drunk to remember content of conversations, just remember awkward eye contact and being awe-struck

dreams about you (still)

i can't remember, but i know

the future/change

moving to the uk and everything that goes along with that


see above, and many many other things incl. spiders

the detachment i feel from my own life

experience this mainly when i am on buses or sitting in my bed
i don't dislike it

times i have been in love


how i am like a cat

i just am

the cold the cold the cold

the cold the cold the cold

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