Thursday, May 24, 2012

what i have done today at work instead of actually doing work

checked twitter
looked up a lot of jobs on 'creative opportunities'
looked up jobs on 'w4mp'
saved jobs in gmail draft titled 'jobs'
connected the twitter and facebook of the crystal palace overground festival
replied to festival director's emails
chatted to stacey teague on gchat
wrote a 1500 word email to my friend shu shu zheng
put on more lipstick
spent an unnecessarily long time in the loo
looked up jobs on linkedin
looked up people i went to uni with on linkedin
gave myself a 90 minute lunch break
looked at a few jobs on 'office angels'
wrote a 1500 word email to my friend andrew murray
(briefly) chatted to stephen o'toole on gchat
chatted to ziggy gelman on gchat
read a few articles 'the age' (newspaper based in melbourne)
looked up some media jobs in melbourne
read eamonn marra's blog
replied to some email thread about an open air cinema and gave the impression via my choice of movie (princess bride or o brother where art thou) that i have children (princess bride seems like an obvious crowd pleaser)
wrote a dumb blog about it


  1. 'gave myself a 90 minute lunch break' hehe

  2. yerrrrr totes acknowledged on your blog :)

    I always forget to put lipstick on and when I do remember it's always before I eat something