Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Topic: Fears

#1 - Public Speaking

This semester I have two oral presentations. Every time I think about it I get knots in my stomach. I find it hard because I don't like being the centre focus, all of those eyes on me, I find it completely paralyzing. However, I am not one to want to exacerbate my FEARS, so I volunteered to go first for both presentations. It's not that I want to face my FEAR particularly, it's just that I know that I have to do it so I am brave and I do it. Maybe the word brave seems a bit dramatic, but in the context of my life and my FEARS, it is bravery.

#2 - Social situations

When I go to a social gathering, I experience a large amount of anxiety or FEAR you could say. Often it is quite consuming. It's strange because I know that it goes against all logic but I can't control it. It's almost automatic in a way. I feel like I should write more about this but once again FEAR is holding me back.

#3 - Spiders

This is common and boring enough, but isn't there something so sinister about a daddy long legs, despite the stupid name? This FEAR originated in middle childhood when I was in bed and opened my eyes to find a daddy long legs inches from my face. In hindsight, it could just have been a bit of fluff or something. Anyway, it was enough to start a life-long FEAR.

#4 - Being away from home

I like the feeling of home, which can be several places, and it can even be people. For me, it's my home, my parent's home, my sister's home, family, Sam, and Auckland in general. When I am away from these places, without these people, I usually freak out and, yes, FEAR is often involved.


  1. Oh my Steaky, you are afraid of spiders? aww.

  2. I do believe this post confirms it! It's mainly daddy long leg spiders, because in NZ I don't see any other kind, apart from little black ones, which I don't mind.