Sunday, October 2, 2011

how to eat healthy/thrifty/easy

since i'm not really working right now i am trying to be more frugal about how i eat whilst also still being healthy. here are some things i have been eating plus pro tips

i have 'just right' because there's a box that's been in my pantry for several months, still good though
milk is cheap enough, it's one of the communal food items in the flat, along with eggs, cheese and toilet paper. we take turns at buying these things
cereal is healthy i think
not like fruit loops or coco pops or anything, the real good oaty, fruity ones
also think i'm gonna buy porridge
put a bit of banana and cinnamon in there
could be real good
oh also cereal is not limited to a breakfast food

baguette w/ cheese and hummus
baguettes are only like $1.50 and at my supermarket and i feel whimsical walking around town with a baguette under my arm
cheese is real expensive but a necessary and versatile food item
butter: i buy 'sunrise' margarine or something
hummus (optional but recommended): hummus is expensive so if you buy it you have to put it on everything

pretty much the easiest and most satisfying food
favourite spreadings are peanut butter, strawberry/rhubarb jam, marmite
have with tea
preferably outside in your garden

mate, just.. bananas

i enjoy the red "original" mi goreng
more about the thrift/ease factor than the health factor
actually it's a good idea to not use the sachets provided and just put other stuff you want in it, like you can use vegetable stock and other herbs etc

tofu salad
heads of lettuce are like $1.50 or something, even cheaper if i get it from the market
grate some carrot into there, at the market i can get like 5 carrots for 80c it's fucking out of control
tofu is pretty expensive, like $5 but you can get 3 or 4 meals out of it
soy sauce to marinate the tofu in, better than just plain ass tofu
various herbs to put in marinade
crispy noodles: idk how much they are, possibly a bit of a lavish purchase but goes real good in salads
basically i just put in whatever else i have in the way of vegetables and salad dressings

roast vegetable salad
just roast up some veges and put them in an effing salad as above

tip: steal food from your parents house, they won't even notice probably

tip: don't be afraid to let other people pay for your food, learn to embrace it

tip: make meals from all the food you have in your cupboard. bound to get something good eventually.

tip: dumpster diving: haven't done this yet but gonna get into it i think

tip: generally just eat fruit and vegetables and bread

tip: get yr fruit/veges from the market, if you live in auckland go to avondale markets. it's a really nice thing to do on a sunday morning, except if you are hungover then it is pretty unbearable. i also get my bread and tofu from here sometimes. so so cheap. also get those $1 kids lucky dip things.

tip: buy the second cheapest brand of a thing, that way you can feel good because you are buying cheap but aren't getting the worst quality possible

anyone else have any good tips?


  1. Make your own hummus. You should buy dried chickpeas because they are super cheap. Soak them overnight and boil them for an hour or so until they are edible. Then you can freeze them and to make them good again just boil them for about a minute or microwave them. You can make falafal, hummus, salads or curries really easily with them.Other beans are also good.

  2. Agreed, legumes are the shit!

    Think fried rice should factor in there somewhere. And eggs are a staple, also generally a food item that lasts a long time.

  3. only drinking water [NO EXCEPTIONS] is a pretty massive $$$$$$$$$$$ saver.