Sunday, October 30, 2011


i am hungover at the airport
going to throw up all over my blueberry muffin

kept a poem you wrote open in a browser
so i could read it without having access to the internet
which is right now

at the airport you have to pay $10 for 45 minutes of internet
the fuck is that about
just going to type words in text edit

listening to neutral milk hotel
and tapping my foot to keep my mind off
the throwing up thing

i feel nervous and sick
but i am happy

i am sitting by a window
i am warm and i can feel the sun

soon i will be in a different place
but i will feel the same things

i will never stop being who i am
and this is good and this is bad

do i have any liquids more than 100ml in my carry on luggage

during 'two-headed boy pt. 2' i want to sing out
because i always sing out when i hear it
i make my voice sound american

i sang out yesterday
when i was driving my dads car
and i thought of you being there in the passenger seat
and i wondered if i would still sing out

will i utilise the barf bag on the plane

beside me there is a fake fern bush
i touched it to see if it was real
it wasn't real

if i die in a plane crash
please publish this poem on my blog

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  1. "going to throw up all over my blueberry muffin"