Wednesday, October 26, 2011


1) Chill Waves: Me, Susie and Zoe made this zine during and after Campus A Low Hum 2011, a music festival held in Bulls, NZ. Bloody gr8 times.
2) Subject #2: Thing I made with Sam, arts/culture thing. He designed it and I edited it. Basically just got all of our friends to contribute stuff. Also we got Nick and Sarah from Einstein Music Journal to do some things.
3) Subject #1: Don't know how I feel about these anymore, they probably aren't for sale unless you really want one.
4) Love zine: It's about love things. Probably my most personal zine.
5) People Are Just People: This zine contains content from this blog circa 2009 maybe, each page has a topic and then the corresponding blog post from both me and Susie.
6) Melbourne Zine: Wrote about when I went to Melbourne last year. For some reason people pick this up the most. Just a lot of silly in-jokes.
7) Bus zine: I used to catch buses a lot circa Oct 2010. Wrote about various bus trips I'd had. Probably my favourite zine idk.
8) Swimming in the wintertime: Most recent zine I made, re: Winter. Gonna make a whole seasonal series of zines.
9) Dinosaur zine: Zine containing all my dinosaur poetry plus other dinosaur-related things, comics, drawings etc.

Email me if you want any of these, preferably for swapsies or something.

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