Sunday, October 9, 2011

things i am looking forward to

1. my friend ziggy just got back from europe, gonna hang with that kid
2. finishing my fracking thesis (19 days to go!!!)
3. halloween party
5. having all my friends come to the farm with me for camping and going away type of activities
6. weather getting a lil warm but not too warm
7. going to new york with the darling caroline downes
8. in new york gonna hang out with my cousin who is doing a residency at flux factory
9. um i will be in new york
10. hopefully hang out with young spencer madsen and brodie and anton from uni (and others i guess! email me if you want to hang out with me in nyc)
11. going to washington to stay with carolyn and do more amazing wonderful things there
12. going to florida to stay with jacob for effing thanksgiving, feel pretty amped for this new holiday & also varied experiences of the usa lol
13. then going back to nyc for another 10 days mostly by myself which will be pretty daunting but am going to enjoy it hopefully
14. going to uk
15. work in my auntie's shop for a few days before chrimbus
16. chrimbus/new year
17. at some point hang out with crispin ass best (& various other uk internet pals i hope)
18. this is the part where i don't even know any more
19. kinda started writing this list in an attempt to not be terrified about this part, didn't work
20. um
21. ...........
22. going to find a place to live
23. and a job
24. and be a human being on the other side of the world
25. !!!!!!!!