Saturday, October 15, 2011

heavy water

yesterday i went to bethells beach with my friends hannah and kati
they are both photography students
hannah wanted to take pictures of our friend ali but she wasn't at home
when we went to her house it was open
this is the kind of place that bethells beach is, just really chill
want to raise my kids there one day
so we walked to the beach and it was really windy but all these wild as westie kids were running around in the water
lots of cool dogs too

kati and hannah are both austrian and occasionally talk to each other in german
i think it is really nice and cute how they do that

i ran into the water with my jeans rolled up but the water went way up above my knees
i didn't really mind

i sat up in the dunes while kati took pictures of hannah
she bought all these different coloured sheets and hannah had them draped over her body and the wind was really strong so it looked really good
up in the dunes i felt the sun
i saw a couple on the dune next to me kissing

i left the dunes and started walking towards this cave
i wasn't sure if i could get there because the tide was in
i walked over rocks with bare feet and it hurt but it was okay
i sat in the rocks and watched the waves crash and felt really peaceful
being near the ocean makes me really happy
transcendental vibes

kati and hannah caught up to me and we ran to the cave when the waves were going out
i draped a green sheet over my body and moved around
hannah had a blue sheet on
we were afraid the tide was coming in and we would be stuck inside of this cave

we left the cave and hannah and i play-fighted our way down the beach
kati took pictures of us

i saw lots of birds, sea birds are really cool
we saw this dead ass albatross that somebody had buried and only it's head and wings were showing
it looked so beautiful

we stopped for kati to take more pictures of hannah
i sat nearby and wrapped myself up in a sheet like it was a lil cocoon because it was so windy
i drew patterns in the sand
when they were finished we went up in the dunes and the sun was so nice that we all fell asleep
i think it is the nicest feeling in the world to fall asleep in the sun

i woke up when the sun went behind a cloud and it felt cold
we started walking back towards the car

in the parking lot there were some people having a bbq
there were some foreign people next to us and we talked to them
hannah greeted them by saying "kia ora"
love being a kiwi
mate, just bloody proud

on the way home we listened to a tribe called quest
we felt sleepy


  1. been feeling the same things lately re. "love being a kiwi".

  2. i used to get really confused before i knew that you pronounced hannah 'huna'. i thought they were two different people. i like it when she goes super kiwi

  3. yeah, she spells it either way so i sort of fluctuate between the two