Sunday, October 9, 2011


- a tribe called quest
- colin mccahon
- how philosophy can save your life by marietta mccarthy
- boy (the movie)
- gilmore girls season 5
- irl
- feeling like a tourist in my own city
- xinia
- laura
- laura's dad
- girl with a movie camera
- hungover days watching 'come dine with me' omnibus
- headbands
- putting daisies in my hair
- diwali
- op shopping
- email correspondence
- going to melbourne at the end of the month
- pigeons
- max (a cat in the cattery)
- winz
- feeding lil bb birds
- whittakers creamy milk chocolate
- banana/chocolate chip cake
- zen stuff
- mary wollstonecraft
- bertrand russell
- red wine dizzle
- reading in cafes alone
- crayons
- stripey shirts
- beers
- the new auckland art gallery


  1. bloody good list. not often that winz is on peoples 'likes' lists.

  2. ikr, but both times i have been there, they have been rly nice to me and the lady i was talking to the other day was rly into birds so we talked a lot about that. it was all so easy and they just rly wanted to help me out