Monday, October 17, 2011

few reasons why melbourne is effing legit/my weekend

my friend daisy was part of this show that opened at 1000 £ Bend on saturday night so i went there with my other friends tilly and murray. the show is really good. i was so proud. i ate some cheese and looked at pretty boys and art. then my pal zoe arrived, we left the show, got a tram to her house, buying some lil cans of rekorderlig cider (which now comes in 7 flavours, i'm told) for the journey. steph, zoe's old housemate was waiting at zoe's for us with a roast chicken that she bought for dinner from coles. we were delighted. jean, a current housemate of zoe's, offered to drive us to a gig.

we ended up going to the grace darling on smith street in collingwood which i was secretly pleased about because it is a short walk home for me. we entered the bandroom and there were about 10 people onstage singing acapella and it was totally beautiful and i just felt like i had walked into something immensely special. the song was 'lord i am waiting' by inland sea and apparently they are a band from brisbane. i was transfixed but they only played one more song. the next band was called 'rescue ships' and their primary members were a sassy funny girl who kept making jokes about getting hives and a guy who may have been canadian with a big ole beard. the girl was playing an accordian and had a really spot on voice. they had a really attractive bassist. while they were playing i wondered about how you play accordian. also i made eye contact with this guy who was really hard out getting into them and i smiled at him and he saw me and then he kept going and i loved him after that. the final band that night was jackson mclaren who is from warrnambool which is a beach town west of melbourne where steph is from. jackson mclaren had a voice like ryan adams and really nice shoes and his violinist knew zoe's other housemate sam who i was sitting with. sam has big hair and two earrings in one ear. i didn't stay for much of jackson's set because i was tired but he seemed earnest and lovely.

the next day i went to doncaster shoppingtown ('shoppo' - it's just a big westfield in the outer eastern suburbs) with my friend fraser. on the drive there the song 'pumped up kicks' by foster the people was playing on repeat. we went to the apple store there so i could get my computer fixed. while we were waiting for the technician we assessed the attractiveness of people working in the store. we were driving back to the city to get lunch after a successful mission when murray called fraser and asked what he was up to. murray just moved to this cute house on the corner of some streets in north melbourne, it's all ramshackle and the rooms are weird shapes and there's a balcony. we had lunch at this very amazing cafe on the corner near his house called grigons & orr. lunch was pretty tasty. they served my coffee in a pretty teacup and gave me a pretty spoon. then we went back to murray's. it was sunny and we sat outside on the balcony smoking cigs and drinking juice from mildura.


  1. YOU WENT TO SHOPPO AND DIDN'T SAY HI TO ME? Also flo rida played a gig at shoppo hotel LOL

  2. we went into cotton on around 12.30 but you weren't there!

  3. wait, did you go on sunday? I wasn't working that day.

  4. I'm so pleased you found what you were hoping for, just makes theMelbourne hair holiday that bit more special.

  5. Thank you so much for stopping by to We had an absolutely lovely afternoon with you, the food was gorgeous, both in taste and appearance, and I'd certainly love to wolf kostüm
    visit again - I've heard nothing but good things about Melba! Will be back to indulge my tastebuds again soon

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