Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I am coming home to you

Things that I have learnt about love (and other stuff) from romantic films:

(I've written a bunch more, but they will go in my zine)

Before Sunset:

From this film, I learnt that you can sit on your love for a person for years. Then when you run into that person again, you will click instantly and then you will want to end your unhappy marriage and listen to Nina Simone in her apartment all day long.

He's Just Not That Into You:

In this film, I learnt that if you are Ginnifer Goodwin, you should throw yourself at Justin Long and he will reject you at first, but then realise you are awesome and want to date you. There was a lot of stuff about marriage, but I really wish they had not made marriage seem so important, and made out that every woman wants to get married. I never want to get married because I can feel committed to someone without it. It just seems like such a stifling institution. Next, if you are cheating on your wife with Scarlett Johansson, then you should be honest with her and blurt it out when you are shopping for homeware (or whatever it was). Honesty is pretty important, and even though it will hurt your spouse to tell them, it is better than being deceitful. Basically, you are morally bankrupt if you can cheat on your sig. other and lie to their face every day. Lastly, I learnt that Scarlett Johansson is buxom as hell.

Pearl Harbor:

When your best friend dies, probably don't do her girlfriend right away because he might still be alive and then things will be real awkward.


Break ups are pretty hard, but if you meet someone and make music with them, it will make you realise that you should go after your ex again. Wait, what? Going back to an ex is more often than not, a very bad idea. Don't do it. So basically this movie taught me nothing, apart from that Irishmen are babes.

Love, Actually:

I suppose there is a message in every little story in this film, here are some:

You can love someone because you realise that they are the only person who is always there for you.

If you love someone enough, you will learn another language for them and fly to a different country to propose to them.

When you have been married for a long time, it is easy to give into someone who is interested in you. But you probably shouldn't because Emma Thompson is a pretty cool wife.

You can meet someone in the most unlikely place.

Often love doesn't work out the way you thought it would.

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