Tuesday, August 24, 2010

it's the little things that we do that mean anything

when i think about tea i think about my two hands wrapped around a mug, and I will be holding the mug to my lips, blowing on it so that the warmth of the steam tickles my face and also i do it to cool down my tea even though that probably doesn't work. then i will take that first brave sip, not knowing whether it will burn my tongue or be just right; this is the risk that i take everyday. when i finally take a sip, the tea warms my insides and it makes me feel happy. sometimes to accompany my tea there will be gingernuts or super wines, which are pretty good for dunking, and there may even be toast. when i'm drinking tea it is the few minutes out of my day that i can really relax (apart from sleep). i sip my tea and i think about stuff. sometimes i sigh and sometimes i smile.

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