Sunday, August 29, 2010

product of my saturday night

I used this pattern with probably about 6 or 7 ply wool (I can't remember) and a 5 mm hook. I started at about 8pm and finished at 3.30am. The reason I love crochet so much is that it grows fast. Oh and it's not actually black, it's brown. I'm going to do another one in blue, or go to my local op shops today and look for some more wool! YAY.


  1. Sweeeeeeeeeeet crochet. Susie, did you ever know that you're my hero, and everything I would like to be? Yeah, I just busted out some Bette Midler.

  2. now that we're budz and no longer internenemies, can you teach me to crochet!?
    i want to crochet a bikini. for my grandmother.

  3. my mum gave me this sweet dictionary of knitting and crochet stitches, so I'm sure I can help whip up some sort of string-ed bikini XD but meet me at mike's has really good crochet tutorials, which is how I learnt in the first place

    also totally jelly re: your Ben Law incident!!