Tuesday, August 17, 2010

she's just a little tease

First of all, sorry we have been slack with this blog as of late. I, for one, have been in a pretty weird place lately, plus I haven't had a lot of access to the internet. I also haven't been sharing my poetry because people often read into that stuff, but I will start again soon. It is pretty good motivation to have to post poetry here once a week, but we can't do it every week, we are not poetry machines! I have also deleted my own personal blog for various reasons so this will now be my primary blog, thus I will try to write in it a lot more. Anywho, onto the topic of the week.

The reason why I chose this as a topic is because public transport is a big part of my life, really. I catch buses, exclusively, because I don't like trains, I don't often have to take ferries and we don't have trams in Auckland apart from that one by Motat which goes for about 100 metres. When I lived in the city, buses were really easy to catch and also pretty cheap, but now that I live back at my parents they don't come so often, cost more and take longer to get to the destination. Though, I do quite like long bus rides, and there is something about the perspective of the world through a bus window that I just love.

Here are some things I like about catching the bus: amiable bus drivers, air conditioning, comfy and squishy seats, when someone is pushing the button and it isn't working so you press the one nearest you and they give you an appreciative smile, giving your seat up to people who need it more, the sun on your face through the bus window, the seat to the left of the back door which is my favourite place to sit, giving people bus information because you know way too much about Auckland buses, etc.

These are the things I don't like: people who don't take their bag off the seat when the bus is really full, mean bus drivers on a power trip, no air conditioning, seats that are detrimental to your posture, smelly teens, when people talk loudly on their cellphones, crowded buses, when you have to stand up and it's real awkward, awkward bus silences, needing to pee on a long journey, etc.

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