Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The other week I went to see Band of Horses at the Powerstation. I wasn't really expecting that much, especially because I hadn't really been able to get into their lastest album, Infinite Arms. However, I really enjoyed it, and I don't think that it was just the wine.

My favourite part was in the encore, when they played Evening Kitchen and also the last song, Funeral, was really great. Here is a video from the show of Evening Kitchen, I really liked it because at this particular point of a verse, which occurs twice, everyone just goes crazy for the harmony and the two guys smile and it made me really happy. Also, at the end they put their arms around each other and I thought that was really sweet. Isn't it annoying that there's always people that want to yell stuff in the silences though? Why do people do that? Anyway, here it is, I hope you feel like you were there too:


  1. oh i completely agree with you on that one! I went to see jason mraz and he was singing 'you and i both' and it was so beautiful and some drunk loser thinks it's funny to scream something at him. Not on.

    Also just wanna say that your mixed cd is taking longer than i thought, because I don't know what songs to include and omit, and I don't have any more CDs left. I will let you know once I've sent it :)

  2. I also dislike it when people do that. It's like when people sing along to really quiet bits in songs and they overpower the singer. This has happened each time I saw the Mountain Goats and they played Wild Sage, which you will know starts quite plaintively. It's one of my favourite songs of theirs actually.