Tuesday, August 24, 2010

my top blogs at the moment

Whip Up

This is the best craft blog I've come across by far. It's not weighed down with lots of "hurrahs" and "lovely" and cheesy stuff like that, but helpful links, tips and ideas about craft projects. Seriously cool shit like this list of ultimate geek knit and crochet.

Rhys is a poet and a friend of mine. I think he is also a very special person. He threw a party and filled the bath with beanbag beans. When he performs his poetry it is quite honestly one of the most mesmerising and awesome things of all time. His blog is filled with adorable little insights into his life.

This is a food blog written by my good friend and former colleague, Mrs Robertson. She chooses a vegetable (usually one that I wouldn't think to cook with) and makes something very very delicious. I have eaten her food before and can testify to its deliciousness. I find her blog well written and entertaining, because she includes anecdotes about soundtracks whilst cooking and miscellaneous things that happen in the Robertson household.

This is a blog about op shops in Melbourne. Anybody can join and write about their own op shop finds. It's not always interesting or well written and I guess it's sometimes annoying seeing other people find cool things, but I really like reading about the different op shops in Melbourne.

I have to rather shamelessly plug the Voiceworks blog. Sometimes I post writing related things there. When I say 'sometimes' I mean I have done it once, but will totally do it again in the near future.

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