Monday, November 29, 2010

Day in review 28/11/10

Woke up at 11.30 and had fried eggs and ham for breakfast (8/10) then got ready and waited for Fraser and Andrew Murray to come over. Then we caught the train to da citay and got some snacks. From there we caught the tram to Zoe's party in Brunswick and drank cider stealthily out of a Mcd's paper bag (9/10 - stealth points). When we got there we drank lots of beer and talked and watched people play instruments and jumped on the trampoline (9/10). Laura made us this drink with butterscotch schnapps and hot milo and it was yum as (9/10). At several points of the day, me and Susie got into laughing fits, once on the train due to synchronized hand gestures, once on the tram due to crumb eye, and once at the party due to weird baths (10/10). Other highlights include Andrew Murray falling off the tramp, Zoe drumming out of time, awkward cockroach sighting, intense eye contact conversations, obscure question games, and general merriment (10/10). Towards the end when most people had left, me, Zoe and Susie had a phat dance to Best Coast, The Smiths and Beastie Boys in the living room (10/10) and then Tilly joined us and we jammed, with Tilly on guitar , Zoe on drums, me on maracas and Susie on tambourine. We sucked but it was pretty fun anyway (9/10). We stayed there from 3-9pm, getting progressively more drunk as time went along (8/10). Then we all decided to get some food, so we ventured out to this Vietnamese place. Me and Susie shared a tofu stack, dumplings and cashew nut chicken, it was most delicious (9/10). Then, since we were all practically falling asleep at the table, Fraser offered to pay for a cab home (10/10 for generosity) and we got home at about 11.30. Fantastic day with the loveliest of people 10/10.