Wednesday, November 3, 2010

detox countdown

I have started running. Mostly I did it because I have immobility fear after finishing uni. With no reason to leave the house, why on earth would I? The activities I do now are mostly watch shows on my laptop (watched an entire season of Entourage last Tuesday, finished a season of Family Guy over the week - this is serious) and think about what I'm going to eat next. A sedentary (to be fair, more sedentary than usual) lifestyle often leads to weight gain, and this I cannot tolerate. I also have decided that I will not drink until Stacey comes to visit (Nov 23rd). When I tell people I'm doing this "detox" they raise their eyebrows and it seems like they don't believe I can do it. I CAN I TELL YOU, I CAN!

Here are some reasons why I have started running.

1. I want to try to be consistent and reliable. With few constants in my life, it's nice to have something to return to. I am frightened about my concentration levels and my general aptitude for things, so it's good that
2. Running requires no skill or intellect. Once you start, you're halfway there. 
3. It gives me a sense of superiority. I'm usually one of those people who envy the exercising. NO MORE I SAY
4. Clarity. Now, I don't feel "good" or anything the entire time I go running, but when I am on the walk back home from the park I feel more focused and accomplished. I also feel proud of myself.
5. One time visiting my mum I went for a walk around the town and an old man passed me out for a spin on his scooter. He said "good evening" and I was startled so I didn't say anything. It  made me think about how lucky I am to be completely mobile and I thought about how my older self would feel if I waste these young years of relative health. If I start to get tired during my run I think of that man and push myself a bit harder.

You should know that I don't actually run the entire time. I have walk breaks and am quite easy on myself, though in the week that I have been doing it I've already noticed an improvement in my breathing and such. Consistency is a wonderful thing! 

Speaking of wonderful things...

On that note, this week's video post is cartoons. Pick a bunch from fave childhood movies or just scenes that you like now! And the writing topic.. how about something lame like "where I live"? Also just for kicks, you (the reading public) should leave us a comment and tell us where you live!


  1. Running is seriously wonderful. Today was the first time I ran that none of my muscles hurt at all, I was so amazed. I just think I am really motivated to run because it is so good for me in so many ways. I want to tell people, "have you heard about this running thing?". I'm totally sold on it.

  2. that's a good closed (implied) question. the aro valley, wellington; formerly richmond 3121, VIC; formerly sydenham, christchurch.

  3. I live in Hawthorn 3122!!! Richmond is pretty okay for a place to live, when did you live there?

  4. hawthorn? swanky. last year, a little of this year. i miss running the yarra trail.