Thursday, November 4, 2010

stay and keep me safe

i stand at the corner of the street and think that i would quite like a rainbow paddlepop

it weirds me out when people are really sure of themselves (self-esteem issues are endearing)

it is very cold in this room so i wrap my cardy around me extra tight

i want to go for a run but i have misplaced my hair tie

my sadness feels like when you get pins and needles and there is that unbearable numbness just before you regain the feeling in your limbs again

i keep getting pen on my shirt and then saying 'shit' under my breath

i just asked a moth very politely to get off my bed

today on my run i stopped to pat a white cat

i turn my music off to listen to the sound of the rain

during dinner i hit you because you were being a dick and you nearly spilled your miso soup

i have way too much lollies and chocolate in my bag for a grown up person

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