Friday, November 19, 2010

some things about stuff

Whilst going through our skype chat logs for the other thing, I discovered that Susie and I often declare our love for many inane things, as follows:

i love gmail
i love people who love animals
i love those image tumblrs
i love my job
i love neko case
i love the vulgarity of it
i love naan
i love scrapbooky notebooks
i love john safran
i love to be comfy
i fucking love that movie
i love you no matter what!
i love getting videos
i love being ironic in an overly girlish fashion
i love my sister
i love carrie, she is so fallible
i love that show so much
i love cat friends
i love you
i love those guys
i love pretending to be a middle aged poet
i love using nightmare as an adjective
i love girl musicians
i love your gutz babe
i love beginnings
i love robin hood
i love their friendship
i love that you think that about him
i love the bit where charlotte gets fierce at Big
i love the world

Also, here is my video post re: something beautiful (my cat Winnie):


  1. I know, it is so us. We are so great. Why don't all the boys want to date us all of the time?