Monday, November 15, 2010

"please love me"

Mine and Susie's skype conversations concerning boys:

Stace: i feel like i always need to find a boy to help me forget about the last boy
Susie: i feel like i am always whining about some boy who doesn't like me

Stace: goddamn boys
Susie: yeah they suck
Susie: but are awesome also
Stace: YES

Stace: i really need to study but it's just so dull and hard
Susie: like heartache
Stace: yes
Stace: and i have that too
Susie: me too

Susie: how good are boys
Susie: just to hang out with

Susie: i'm worried about you going near something like that again
Stace: i'm going to get hurt no matter what i do. i can't be afraid to get hurt

Susie: i want to bake some banana muffins
Susie: but i like to make them with dates
Susie: and i have no dates.
Susie: i'd like to GO ON A DATE

Susie: lolol omg the thing where your dad told you not to put out early!!!
Stace: i just had the biggest laughing fit of my life. awkwarrrrrd

Stace: i think it's funny that we call them boys even if they are like 28
Susie: yeah! i know

Susie: man the other night i was walking home
Susie: and i just felt like nobody would ever love me


  1. I am speed eating my cereal reading this. No you're shmoopy! *hopes Stacey gets the reference*