Tuesday, November 2, 2010

very belated 'books I am reading' video

Doing video posts when my housemate is home/awake is awkward because in my flat you can hear pretty much everything the other is saying (she has to keep her door open so the kitties can use the litter tray in the hallway). So that's why it sounds like I am... all husky-like. I also apologise for my weird teeth and the faces pulled.

I have been reading Ideas for a few years now, since I got it for Christmas in 2006, but have recently decided that I should give it a real go. When I say "it's about when people started thinking about stuff" it really is. He starts from when man went from being whatevertheyweres (homonids? cannot remember) to sentient beings, when the idea of using fire was initiated, when people started hunting and so on. I'm only up to when religion began. It's unusual but nice for me to read something nonfiction. By Grand Central Station.. on the other hand is almost too poetic for me to read, despite its distinctly smaller size. I have been taking it around in my bag, attempting to read it on the train but as my train journey is only 12-15 (20 on a bad day) minutes, one does not have much time to invest in the intricate recount of the affair Elizabeth Smart had with some poet back in the day.

Also in recent book news I finally read Josephine Rowe's How a Moth Becomes a Boat and I would probably recommend it to most people because, even though there was only one that made my heart go "oh" in a contemplative way, I think that people who are interested in how we write here would really connect with it on that level too.

Finally, if you're viewing this post in a reader, why don't you visit the blog site, we've updated the layout! Leave us a comment and tell us what you're reading. Or whether the layout is too girly.

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  1. That Ideas book sounds really interesting. I love non-fiction, but I haven't been any lately. Can't wait for Summertime readinz.