Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Fear

Mel posted this on her blog.

She talks about 'The Fear' which is short for The Fear of Dying Alone. People want so much just to not be alone that they will take whatever they can get. As much as I am scared of The Fear, I am even more scared of settling. Technically, we all die alone. Probably the thing we are really afraid of is not having someone to spend our days with. You know, just someone to pass the time with. I find it weird when people want kids, marriage, mortgage etc, but apparently that's normal (I keep forgetting). I can't picture myself with any of those things. I don't like to visualize the future.

I am not a love cynic, but maybe after a few more broken hearts I might be. I guess I am willing to take on the heartache. I want to risk it. I don't believe in The One, I just think that there are some people out there that are more suited to people than others. For me, I'd say (in NZ) there are approximately 16 boys. That is my guess.

Being single can be nice, it's true. I've been one of those people who has fallen into one relationship after the next and it's actually a little embarrassing. So I'm a single person now, and it's okay. I just want some time by myself, even if it is lonely. It is good for a person to get used to being by themselves. Also, the right guy doesn't just walk up to you/add you on twitter and fall madly in love with you every day does he?

(A: No)
but just in case:


  1. as much as I love your guts, having been a single for all of my life, this post makes me even more "sigh" about loneliness than ever before. But this is because unlike you, I am a love cynic.

    also inevitably, the title "the fear" makes me think of that Lily Allen song of the same name.

    perhaps you could put a link to the original blog post so ppl reading can reference it?


  2. oh right I just saw the link, these font colours are wack. omg now my internet is fixed I can play layouts!

  3. Aw, I like the background, but the title font is weird. I didn't mean to make you "sigh", this is just my subjective experience of singledom. My exam is tomorrow foo'. I've been trying to catch you on chat but it seems like I keep perpetually missing you. Anyway, you should also write something in response to this if you feel comfortable doing so.