Friday, March 9, 2012

2011/12 internet champions of the world

have been trying hard to work out what kind of things i want to do blogging about lately.

i just wanted to do a quick post about the nice people i met from the internet. in appreciation. each of the following peeps were just totes lovely and in some cases let me stay at their houses, which is a kindness i will always be thankful for and hope to repay one day : )

david s. klein
eamonn marra
jackson nieuwland
james duncan
alice may connolly
ben rosamond
carolyn decarlo
spencer madsen
marshall mallicoat
dj berndt
shaun gannon
michael michael motopsychle
jess dutschmann
jae dyche
megan boyle
zachary german
jacob steinberg
dave greenspan
gregory sherl
crispin best
ben brooks
stephen o'toole
kirsty lewis turkington (technically met in 2012 but are too awesome to leave off the list)
vicki tingle
laurens verdonkschot
giles ruffer

just makes me feel really good about things when you can go somewhere and feel like you have frands to show you around or hang out with.