Monday, March 19, 2012

last times i have smoked

feb 25
smoking on my steps
vchatted james
listened to julie doiron

mar 1
in a carpark on cross st
drinking woodstock from plastic cup
asked a girl if i could roll a cigarette
smoked it

mar 3
felt so bad
also watched a lot of mad men
which makes smoking look like the best thing in the land
(it's not)

mar 3
..later that night with friends in my living room (enablers)

mar 9
wine cellar smoking area
shared with xinia
2x guys asked us about ourselves bc they said they wanted to know about the "demographic" of the bar

mar 9
whilst walking through downtown
had to stop bc i can't walk and roll
shared with ben rosamond

mar 14
needed something to do with my hands whilst sitting on my steps
it was morning
i sang out loud to bright eyes songs

mar 17
cigarette and tea
idc, felt good


  1. i liked this, this is a good idea for a post
    read this and thought 'damn you smoke every few days or so, i should cut down' :(