Monday, March 12, 2012

First poddy o the year

We finally did it!

This 'bumper' issue contains pomes by the following wonderful peeps:

AA (Mountain Poem) by Aaron Billings from Voiceworks Summer issue
While in captivity by Helen Vitoria from Lies Isle
She had no feet by Dawn Lonsinger from Passages North
I can marry you by Gabby Gabby from Screaming Seahorse
Eucalypts at sunset and Butter Pecan by Eliza Scott
the first of every month by Emma Cherry
...and when we grow old by Cassandra Nguyen from Very Beautiful Women
Four poems by Dan Hoy from Lamination Colony 
Think to Believe it by Kira Clark from Kill Author
Somewhere in the bottom of the rain by Steve Roggenbuck from Metazen or watchable on Up literature, essential viewing

We also read tweets by Maggie Lee, sumfink from Chelsea Martin's book 'Everything was fine until whatever' and some of Stacey's favourited tweets.

 I hope you guys like it a little bit. 
We will do another one soon now I am living in a real place with bananas and curtains and everything x


  1. sweet! great that you got bananas now, i feel happy for you

  2. kewl :) Somewhere in the bottom of the rain can also be viewed on in the context of bestiality hehe

    1. oh of course, that's actually where I saw it first!

  3. I just stumbled upon this! I am Kira Clark. This was such a nice surprise.

    1. Hi Kira! thanks for listening.
      we loved your poem : )