Friday, March 16, 2012

things re: 'real estate' gig last night

is that matthew ridge? oh wait no..

singer from sherpa said 'man it's so cold up here' while visibly sweating

trying to explain to someone what a sherpa was: "a sherpa, you know like a sherpa...mountains and shit"

thought the drummer was a hot girl but it was just an unattractive man

xinia must be drunk bc she is dancing like a lil gnome

feel like i'm at cassette

wth, why are there lasers

typed a draft into my phone to help me remember the above two things as 'cassette lasers'

going to start tagging the word 'booty' (with the two o's connected so it resembles a booty)

we feel awkward via not knowing what to do with our hands

i got a txt that says 'happy fake bday'

feels bad trying to clap when you are holding a beer, like you just don't even make any noise

the 'three wines and two beers' buzz

bass guitar 4 prez

yep so this is indie music

thought omg so many stripey tops in one room and then realised i was wearing a stripey top too #fml

ntp ntp ntp (need to pee (x3 (that's just like real needing to pee)))

feeling really aware that i am packed into a room full of people who are all slightly moving to the same rhythm

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