Sunday, March 25, 2012

day in review 24th march 2012

had a real nice sleep in, woke up around 11am and it was sunny as frick. i made toast and ate it watching man vs food which i find hilarious and disgusting but immensely watchable. got my shit together and got the train to brockley, where i sauntered around in the sunshine and arrived at brockley market about 10 mins before they closed. i was a bit concerned it would be too big for me to navigate in that time but that was plenty. i got a free coffee from the nice coffee boy in the corner because they didn't have any more soy milk. i bought some free range eggs, a sourdough donut filled with lemon curd from the london particular and it was really really yummy. i realised that my friend ellie actually worked there (knew she worked at a market in brockley, didn't expect it to be that one though, hopefully i don't seem too much of a stalker) and we caught up while she packed down her stall. there were heaps of attractive looking people at the market. made plans with ellie to hang out at easter, curing my fears about 'where the chocolate comes from' if you don't have family at easter. i kept walking on into deptford, stopped in a cute vintage store, two antiques stores and then arrived at deptford high st market. they have a flea market on saturdays and i bought this velour cardi with gold buttons and beads for £3. then i kept wandering around with a giant smile on my face until i used my 'south london art map' to find some galleries. went into utrophia, apt, past art hub and cockpit arts because they were closed/i don't think you can go into cockpit arts. sat outside laban dance school (or whatever) on their geometrically designed lawn. that was weird and nice in the sunshine. then i walked back to new cross and bought some dried fruit and a courgette from a nice grocery and got a free sample of granola cause i said i was going to try making granola with the dried fruit. i got the train back to crystal palace and saw the dinos in the park for the first time (from afar), going to make it my mission to go there probably tomorrow when all the horrible children are in school. i went into this four-storey antiques store and walked around with my mouth hanging open like a dummy because it was so fricken cool. noticed a cupcake shop has opened up on our end of the triangle, feel excited about that, want to work there. bought groceries from sainsbury's. went home, dithered about making dinner and chatted to my flatmate ashleigh and we decided we should go out for a drink later. so later went out to the white hart with paul, max and ashleigh. it was fun, there are beautiful people working there and beautiful people drink there. we went to westow after that briefly but it was weird because there were these girls dancing really badly. just real bad. but mostly it was a legit as heck day, had a real great time doing exploring then having a lil drank with my flatties. gonna give it a 9.5/10 mostly just because i wish i could have afforded to buy heaps of stuff at brockley market/everywhere i went. i took a few pics and they are here

ps how weird/lame is it the whole 'dot co dot uk or dot com dot au or dot co dot nz' thing ???

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