Thursday, March 22, 2012

the shack

things i will miss about the shack:

- sitting on the steps
- coming home to pickles on the front step meowing and thinking "home..."
- going down to wood bay beach with my cup of tea and writing things in my notebook
- got my room exactly how i wanted it
- the sound of branches etc falling on our roof from the canopy above us
- not having to care about spilling things, hammering things into the walls, things of that nature
- really really nice neighbours who sometimes brought us their homebrew beer
- reading a book with pickles curled up in my lap
- hat wall
- mail wall
- flowers out my window
- pickles :(((((((((((((((
- quiet
- lots of birds
- going for big walks around my neighbourhood and meeting lots of dogs
- the real nice people who live around here
- forest vibes
- being close to the ocean
- feeling so so so good in solitude

things i will not miss

- the swamp that has formed in our front yard
- the smells
- mould spores
- rats
- far away from civilisation
- non-flushing toilet
- no washing machine/freezer
- feeling isolated
- bad phone reception

also i just discovered the pus-ey (?) eyed neighbourhood cat's name is 'pud', makes me sad that i will never get to call him that now

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