Sunday, March 4, 2012

selection of sent text messages

wake up in the morning, got a big chin
just felt bad re my appearance today and then i thought 'at least i have a nice booty'
yeah tennis and sports suck
sitting outside on my front steps with my dog and coffee, listening to the microphones is how i always want to be
420 bro
i just skulled half a bottle of wine, i feel you
where my bestie at
i bloody love reggae
just cried in the supermarket reading an ad that said, "widower seeking friendship from widow. likes car rides, picnics and lunches. please call me."
it is quiet and warm and there are bird sounds
my sister just complimented me on my cleavage. what is life
who dat
shake that healthy butt
a car full of boys pulled up next to our car blasting nelly's ride wit me and i did that 'sup' thing with my head and they did it back. best moment of life
sorry that i hung up but you were being an asshole
got a fright when i turned around and a dog was sniffing my booty
()() 00 OO [][] different types of booties
i wanna love you (radio edit) - akon
you rang?
yep i'm free
you are such a good thing
we wait for you on st kevs steps after we get chips
asian man just thought i was a prostitute :(
i am sitting in bed topless, staring at my computer eating burger rings. sad as hell
baby i'm 2 lost in u
stop hitting on teenage boys
just yelled 'pizza shapes for president'
i would rather be in your sleeping nook than anywhere else

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