Monday, March 26, 2012

sober driver

- intended to go to wine cellar and not have 'a late one'
- saw seth frightening, sharpie crows and a dead forest index
- seth frightening kept doing metal ass guitar shreds in the middle of his lovely folk songs, seemed funny, thought 'doom folk'
- someone bought me 'feijoa liqueur' which i drank bc it seemed rude not to
- went outside for air and discovered this swing dance competition happening, made me feel happy to watch
- wine cellar is a really awkward venue and why can i never get a couch seat anymore i h8 u
- lost all my friends for like 2 hours
- confirmed my theory that if you sit outside alone on k'rd for long enough a drunk guy will hit on you
- he told me there was a gig at whammy that sounded good so i went in and didn't pay heh heh
- saw beach pigs, ghost wave and grass cannons
- during ghost wave creepy guy stood too close to me, kept edging away until i had to move away
- ghost wave are rly good
- made friends with a nice couple, the boyfriend told creepy guy to go away
- smoked cigarettes with nice couple
- found my friends
- lost my friends again
- during grass cannons a fight broke out in front of me and i got pushed over
- people offered to buy me a drank but over the loud music i would just do the 'hands on steering wheel' gesture
- felt like i was drunk anyway via the atmosphere and other drunk people but probably just deliriously tired
- wandered back and forth up k'rd trying to find my friends
- found them at a hip hip 'club' which i walked in and didn't pay for, stealth ass
- danced to hip hop
- worked my dorky dance moves in seamlessly with my 'smooth' dance moves
- errbody in the club getting tipsy ('cept me)
- in true k'rd tradition, halved a falafel kebab before home time
- there was a guy passed out directly on top of his kebab
- drove my drunk ass friends home at 4.30am

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