Tuesday, March 20, 2012


just looked about my person as if i needed something tangible to complete this post, think it might have been the instinct that i need tea to write. seems like a cute idea to collate some links and internet things that i have been utilising more and more recently. trying to broaden my 'internet horizons'. just because there are lots of nice things going on around here (here being online) and yeah let's just all support each other okay? : )

sylvia plath documentary on youtube
seems funny that i used to be real obsessed with sylvia plath/the bell jar/all manner of depressed women in literature. but this is nice. also well. i mean it's not nice but it's sort of nice that she was in london and i am in london. (she committed suicide in a house in chelsea, where yeats lived i think)

did everybody else know about podcasts before this week? i feel like i spent a lot of time talking about podcasts in my degree but i never really listened to them very much before now. i did a 'cry for help' tweet about needing podcasts and resident twitter champ david claridad suggested the av club's podmass which is basically a roundup of a lot of different types of poddies. it's really good. from there i got onto the 'stuff you missed in history class' podcasts and one on nerdist featuring tim and eric. who are pretty kewl dudes.  also i listened to this one from wtf with marc maron with nick offerman and megan mullally (idk how you spell that).

as for music poddies i have been digging this mix on coke machine glow which has real kewl trax by clams casino & other people of that nature

herbonestructure by natalie chin just a really lovely blog that stacey & i have been reading lately
autumn almost by sarah reid as above : )

also ohh this is a really cool thing, nowness, which is daily interviews/documentaries with/about design type people. the first one i watched was about this hairdresser who makes artwork with hair and it was a really beautiful video as well as being a pretty interesting thing.

other things that have happened recently include me making hedgehog and having to explain it to absolutely everybody in the world because slices don't exist in england, starting to crochet for money, losing my owl ring (hopefully under my bed), not having cigarettes for over a fortnight, only having one pair of non winter socks, consistent tiredness, volunteering for future cinema's bugsy malone and somehow managing to be outgoing and have a lot of fun doing so (?) 

also i'm thinking about starting my craft blog again and am having serious thoughts about going into baking at some point or another, especially with the revelation that such a thing as this clandestine cake club exists... i keep having visions of me walking into a bakery with a box of macarons and them giving me a job just on the spot. sigh. did everyone know i work in a call centre? hmm. anyway. i am also trying to work on not hunching my shoulders as much which occupies the rest of my life.


  1. sarah reid is a good dude and irl frand of mine :)
    haven't seen her in ~years tho :(

  2. wow cool i just saw this
    thank you i like reading this lovely blog too
    it's in my google reader now hehe

  3. ahhh thank you for the link! lovely :) x

  4. oh and hi giles! it has been years, rubbish :(