Sunday, May 1, 2011


We feel like there is a lot of good writing going on online. Through
our blogging exploits we have started reading a lot of exciting stuff
from all around the world and we have lately been wondering where the
locals are at. We rarely get to see this poetry outside of the
internet, if we get to see it at all. The best things about the poetry
that has flourished online (thanks to the people mentioned in that
Enormous Boon post) are that it is honest, accessible, funny, unsure,
changeable, sad, sexy, easy, lame, says everything, says nothing, says
exactly what you want to say but can't work out how to, seems bleak,
feels right, feels wrong, feels a bit rough, just makes you feel. We
try to write in this style too.

We want to encourage poets who may not even be ready to call
themselves poets yet. If you are putting words on a page because you
feel like you can't possibly NOT put words on a page, we want to hear
from you.

Basically, it will be People Are Just People on a larger scale: we
want to hear from Australian and New Zealand poets and writers. We are
excited about what we are reading online and we want to publish you!

Our publication will be called 'Hands Like Mirrors'. We hope to get funding to publish a hard copy version of it and are aiming to publish it by July.

These are the submission guidelines.

- You must be a resident of either Australia or New Zealand to submit.
- Poetry submissions send up to 3 poems, with a maximum of 100 lines for each.
- Flash fiction, send either 1 or 2 stories, max 500 words per story
(can send poetry as well, but be kind).
- Max 5 submissions per person please, we are only two people.
- Attach submissions in a word doc with 'Hands Like Mirrors' and your
name in the title.
- In the document include a bio no more than 50 words.
- We will try to respond to you within two weeks, but life does get in
the way, so be please be patient with us.

Email us at

Deadline for submissions is SUNDAY 1ST MAY 2011


If you have any questions, leave a comment or email one/both of us and
we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Also! If you know anyone
whose writing sounds like something we would like, leave a comment
with a link or an example or just email us.


  1. Exciting. How do you plan on publishing? Online or print?

  2. Yes, interested to know what the end product is i.e. a printed anthology, an electronic one, will it be put out as a collection, or will poems be put out periodically. Will you be paying for poems?

  3. It will be a printed anthology. If we get funding we may be able to pay a little, but otherwise no.

  4. I'm on a gap year in England at the moment, but I'm basically an NZ resident, is that ok?

  5. Hi Nathaniel, yeah of course, that's fine.

  6. Hey guys, definitely interested in being involved!
    Just wondering if you've heard of Kickstarter, where you can ask people to donate towards a project. If you reach your targeting goal they give their money, if not no one parts with their money and you find a new way =)
    I'll send an email soon!

  7. Is the bio for you or for publication?? Write in third person or first?? Chur churrr

  8. Hi Natalie, Bio is for the publication, and yeah in 3rd person.