Saturday, May 14, 2011

dancing queen

i am in the 'family' section of my video store and they are playing sexual healing

i am sitting in my bed and i am saying "real bad"

just thought "squidly diddly" and laughed out loud whilst watching lord of the rings: return of the king

i just looked up recluse in the dictionary

said out loud "i wanna book nook" after seeing a bookstore called 'book nook"

thought the word "ironic" over and over until i couldn't remember what it meant anymore and just started to think about ironing

i keep snacks under the pillow next to my pillow

thought "am i flirting with the guy working at pita pit?" whilst flirting with the guy working at pita pit

just thought the word "scallywag" in regards to a specific person and it made me giggle to myself

the three loneliest words in the english language: "no network connection"


  1. my gurl.. my gurl.. *my gurl*

    talkin bout... my gurl

    (my gurl)