Monday, May 2, 2011

Where I live

A few months ago I moved into (what can only be described as) a shack with my friend Hannah. We live in Wood Bay/Titirangi, and it is a very secluded and beautiful area. It is the kind of area where everyone says hello to you and smiles as they walk past you with their big ass labradoodle. Just real good vibes. By some sort of dumb luck, I got a job which was only 20 minutes walk from where I currently live, which is saying something considering not much is 20 minutes walk from where I live. The beach is about 3 minutes walk from our house. I feel like living by the water is a nice thing, and it makes me feel calm. Whenever I am feeling sad, or something else, I can always go down there and stare into the ocean and feel a certain way. I never really feel alone out here.

The house itself is very old and small. The taps leak. There is no insulation. There is mould and weird smells. Despite all of this, I love living here completely. For me it is the embodiment of free n' easy living. I like doing things around the house, it makes me feel industrious. Actually did some handy man type stuff the other day. Felt real good. Used a hammer and everything. Outside we have a fire pit and my flat mate planted a cool as vegetable garden. We have this bush area up the back which isn't ours but our landlord says we can do whatever we want with it. Our landlord is like 100 years old. Rent is real cheap, like $90/week. Our neighbours are real cool, kind of like a modern hippie family, the kind that work square jobs but still have hippie ideals. Feel like in my little room I am impenetrable. Good buzz all round. I also have the best flat mate. We often sit in the living room watching the news and I'll be writing and she'll be knitting. She will make some comment about how fucked National is and I will giggle and ask her if The Simpsons is on yet. We don't annoy each other. We do each other's dishes without feeling an underlying resentment for the other person.

This is our home.

Come visit. We'll make potato salad. Everyone likes potato salad right.


  1. Huna is such a babe! Want to reciprocate post-wise, but I don't think I have a photo of my house!

  2. Also why did you include that shifty pic of me! Shifty eyes..

  3. I like this post a lot! I live in a similar house, and it rocks!