Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Susie and I contribute to a new blog called antipobros, a blog collective featuring poets who live throughout Australasia.

To put this into some sort of context, the contributors are all apart of the same worldwide poetry community. It's sort of hard to say how it all came about, but it may be fair to say that Steve Roggenbuck brought us together by generally just being a nice bro. Maybe we met through All Write Then, or Let People Poems, or Pop Serial. Or because we liked each other's work and became friends that way.

This community of people are, for the most part, writers and poets. I keep using the word "community" because that's what it feels like. We support each other in our writing and in our "real lives". We relate to each other in many ways. We keep each other company.

Sometimes there are ustreams, in which people get together irl and read out poetry they like in front of a webcam and everyone can watch it and chat together whilst doing so. It is nice and sometimes there is dancing. It brings people together.

It is a nice thing to be apart of. Get in2 it.